Message from the CEO

Vision of Global Insight

"From 1975, I spent 36 years of my life at Mitsubishi Corporation, singularly focused on developing new businesses in the areas of aerospace, defense and information industries. I've learned a lot by being in the midst of programs dealing with leading-edge technologies of the US and other countries, as well as regional security environment surrounding Japan. I've also come to realize that Japan's technical skills and discipline are top of its class, and that Japan can contribute in many ways to the world and regional security through mutual industrial cooperation.


I want to bring in leading-edge technologies, methodologies and information into Japan, and in turn help contribute to the world by making available Japan's technical skills and industrial power. I also want to understand market and industry trends from a global perspective, and assist Japanese and international customers in realizing their goals.  I founded Global Insight Corporation to make this happen.


Global Insight Corporation supports customer in developing businesses in the areas of aerospace and defense, IT and cyber security. Our experienced and seasoned experts and partners will help turn customer's needs into concrete agenda, and create new businesses together. In doing this, we highly value trust relationship with our customers. We will protect customer's valuable information, strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations, and use trustworthy business processes for yours and our peace of mind.


In the age of expanding IT technology and globalization, the world expects Japan to contribute as never before. Specifically, defense, space and cyber security industries concerned with Asia Pacific security are expected to grow, based on increasing needs for deregulation and industrial cooperation under the climate of severe economic downturn. Global Insight Corporation will leverage on its international network and partners as well as Japan's strong industrial power in these areas, and support our regional security through international cooperative programs.


We will strive to create new markets and value, and look forward to working with you as your trusted business partner."


Masato Nagase

President, Global Insight Corporation